1. What Should I bring?

ANS:1. All you have to bring on any charter is what you want to eat and drink and also don’t forget a camera.

2. What is Provided?

ANS:2. Our vessel comes complete with custom rods and reels and all necessary USCG equipment.

3. What should I wear?

ANS:3. Bring Sunglasses and Sunscreen of at least 30SPF. Also a Hat and Rain gear, if in the forecast.

4. What if the Weather turns bad?

ANS:4. If the weather turns bad, I will make the call depending on wind, rain, thunderstorms etc. There are situations where we can make a decision to either fish offshore or in the backcountry, based on the weather-water.

5. Who cleans the Fish and do I get to keep the fish?

ANS:5. You have the option to keep some or all of the fish. We will clean and package a reasonable amount for you.

6. Do you offer Fly Fishing?

ANS:6.. We do offer fly fishing for a variety of game fish. We do not however provide fly fishing rod or reels.

7. How many people are allowed for an Offshore Charter?

ANS: 7. The offshore charter can handle up to 6 people

8. How many people are allowed for Backcountry Charter?

ANS:8. The backcountry boat can handle 3 to 4 maximum.

9. Are Children allowed?

ANS:8.We welcome all families for offshore and backcountry–from Beginners to Expert.

10. What are your Payment policies if I cancel?

ANS:10. In order to confirm your charter reservation a 150.00 deposit is required. We accept money orders or check for deposit, payment with credit cards is accepted once you arrive. We have a seven day cancelation policy.

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